Nutrition for the elderly: the health-boosting powers of dairy ingredients

Published on Aug 21, 2019 10:29:41 AM

By 2050, one person out of every five will be aged over 60, for a total of two billion over-60s worldwide. Ageing healthily and happily is within everyone's reach. So how do dairy ingredients help senior nutrition?

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Nutrition for the elderly: preventing neurodegenerative diseases

Published on Aug 21, 2019 10:29:10 AM

As life expectancies increase, older people are increasingly faced with age-related health issues. The Agri-food and “Silver Food” manufacturing industries are facing new challenges: how to formulate food products tailored to the special needs...

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Armor proteines and ferreR alimentacion : not traders but partners

Published on May 23, 2019 9:53:25 AM

Our client Emma Gómez Balleste, Dairy Sales Manager at Ferrer Alimentación comes back on the partnership with Armor Protéines and how they have built a long-term relationship for more than 50 years.

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